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Marshmallow Snowmen
Christmas Cards
DP8605 - Starting At: $1.23

Cold Crisp Happy Holidays
Christmas Cards
DP6420 - Starting At: $1.23

Christmas Meditation
Christmas Cards
DP8705 - Starting At: $1.23

Peppermint Village
Christmas Cards
DP8665 - Starting At: $1.23

Wanted Santa
Christmas Cards
DP8630 - Starting At: $1.23

Santa's Journey
Christmas Cards
C8996 - Starting At: $2.54

Winter Bristles
Christmas Cards
DP8269 - Starting At: $1.23

Snowflake Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP8702 - Starting At: $1.23

Little Red Snowflake
Christmas Cards
C9006 - Starting At: $2.90

Glimpse of Santa
Christmas Cards
DP8689 - Starting At: $1.23

Holiday Charms
Christmas Cards
DP8703 - Starting At: $1.23

Christmas Laundry
Christmas Cards
DP8606 - Starting At: $1.23

Rudolph's Nose
Christmas Cards
DP8633 - Starting At: $1.23

Beachside Greetings
Christmas Cards
DP7838 - Starting At: $1.23

Emerald Days
Christmas Cards
DP8259 - Starting At: $1.23

Balancing Act
Christmas Cards
DP8239 - Starting At: $1.23

A View from the Holiday Plane
Christmas Cards
DP7788 - Starting At: $1.23

Joy Ride Auto Repair Card
Christmas Cards
DP5316 - Starting At: $1.23

Shiny & Bright Auto Sales Card
Christmas Cards
DP5304 - Starting At: $1.23

Rudolph in Tartan
Christmas Cards
DP7845 - Starting At: $1.23

Howdy Christmas Cactus
Christmas Cards
DP7876 - Starting At: $1.23

Holiday Coffee
Christmas Cards
DP7813 - Starting At: $1.23

Avocado Christmas
Christmas Cards
DP7808 - Starting At: $1.23

Classy Dog
Christmas Cards
DP7818 - Starting At: $1.23

Bad Santa
Christmas Cards
DP7751 - Starting At: $1.23

Holiday Bubble
Christmas Cards
PC7789 - Starting At: $1.29

Beach View Holiday
Christmas Cards
DF1100 - Starting At: $2.04

Bright Holiday Lights
Christmas Cards
DD7001 - Starting At: $2.16

Dazzling Tree Line
Christmas Cards
C7297 - Starting At: $2.54

Christmas Flamingo
Christmas Cards
DP6971 - Starting At: $1.23

Peaceful Outer Space
Christmas Cards
DP7001 - Starting At: $1.23

Grateful Holiday Tree
Christmas Cards
DP7077 - Starting At: $1.23

First-Class Holiday
Christmas Cards
DP7034 - Starting At: $1.23

Big Bold Holidays
Christmas Cards
DF1096 - Starting At: $2.04

Modern Metallic Trees
Christmas Cards
DP6954 - Starting At: $1.23

Rustic Abstract Christmas Trees
Christmas Cards
DP6904 - Starting At: $1.23

Hoot, Hoot, Holidays
Christmas Cards
DP1097 - Starting At: $0.67

Colorful Holiday Lights
Christmas Cards
DP1921 - Starting At: $1.23

Christmoose Moose
Christmas Cards
DP6414 - Starting At: $1.23

Festive Holiday Confetti
Christmas Cards
DP1051 - Starting At: $0.95

Motivational Holiday Drink
Christmas Cards
DP1030 - Starting At: $1.23

Hanging Watercolor Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP1021 - Starting At: $1.23

Holiday in Paradise
Christmas Cards
DP1081 - Starting At: $1.23

Hashtag Christmas Selfie
Christmas Cards
DP6412 - Starting At: $1.23

Beachy Warm Wishes
Christmas Cards
DP1086 - Starting At: $1.23

Santa's Naughty List
Christmas Cards
DP1087 - Starting At: $1.23

Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Christmas Cards
DP1029 - Starting At: $1.23

Santa Selfie
Christmas Cards
DP1084 - Starting At: $1.23

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Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
68 Products Total

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Cool Christmas Cards

Leave behind the boring with cool Christmas cards. Find cool Christmas cards that feature eclectic designs ranging from millennial Christmas cards, art Christmas cards, animal Christmas cards, beach Christmas cards, unusual Christmas cards, modern Christmas cards, funny Christmas cards, and more. For non-denominational well-wishes, there are plenty of cool holiday cards to choose from too. Take a look at our stylish holiday and Christmas card templates.

How to Make a Cool Christmas Card

Have a very cool Christmas with CardsDirect. Customize any of our cool Christmas cards with your name or company name, Christmas card signatures, and message. Have a Christmas card personalized with your photos, company logo, additional graphics, and more.

Product Specifications

Our cool Christmas greetings come in many different paper types including:

  • 110 lb. Value Satin Finish
  • 130 lb. Satin Finish
  • 110 lb. Uncoated Matte
  • 100 lb. Recycled Brown Kraft
  • 90 lb. Textured Linen
  • 130 lb. High Gloss Finish
  • 100 lb. Textured Felt
  • 110 lb. Ice Pearl Metallic

All cool Christmas card designs come in junior, standard, and signatures sizes, featuring both vertical and horizontal folds. You can even skip the envelope and select cool Christmas postcards.

Our cool Christmas art is tailored by an experienced team of graphic artists and can be personalized for your interesting Christmas card needs, whether for business or personal use. Personalize your cool and contemporary Christmas cards at CardsDirect.

All of our creative Christmas cards designs are printed using the highest quality inks for the most vibrant, colorful, and creative Christmas card designs every time you order.

Cheap Christmas Cards

The more cool Xmas cards you order, the more you save. If you are orchestrating a really cool Christmas cards mailing for your company or household, we recommend buying your cool Christmas cards in bulk for the best discount.

Free Samples

Want to see what your cool Christmas cards look like before you send them out to customers? Choose up to three free Christmas cards samples online.

Christmas Card Signature Ideas

Looking for the best way to sign off on your Cool Christmas cards and custom holiday cards? Here’s a list of 27 Christmas card signature ideas.

  1. No matter where we are the holidays bring us closer together while sharing in the joy that’s all around us.


  1. May the grace of the holidays be with you in everything you do.


  1. The holidays give us time to dream, reasons to wish, and infinite things to be grateful for.


  1. Holidays are the answered wish for infinite joy.


  1. Share in the endless joys that are the holidays.


  1. Wishing you endless joy this holiday season, and always.


  1. One thing that never changes about the holidays is the gift of God’s love.


  1. You bring me joy. Happy holidays.


  1. This time of year is special because of people like you. Happy Holidays!


  1. This Christmas, let’s all dream with the wild wisdom of a child waiting for Santa to arrive.


  1. Put your worries in a basket and have Santa take them with him on his way out.


  1. Worry about your credit card debt on December 26th.


  1. Hope the holiday season brings you lots of joy.


  1. Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.


  1. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season and a New Year filled with peace and happiness.


  1. Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.


  1. The most precious gift one has at Christmas is family.


  1. Season’s greetings from our house to yours.


  1. I love you more each Christmas and all throughout the year.


For shorter Christmas card signature ideas, go with something simple like:

  1. Merry Christmas


  1. Season’s Greetings


  1. Warmest Wishes


  1. Happy Holidays


  1. Blessings


  1. Peace and Joy


  1. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

For more Christmas card signature ideas, check out CardsDirect’s full list of Christmas card verses in our digital personalizer when you customize your Christmas card. We have plenty of non-specific holiday verses too!

Want your Christmas cool this year? Choose CardsDirect!

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