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Christmas Cards
DP1102 - Starting At: $0.67

Holiday Starlight Toast
Christmas Cards
DP9159 - Starting At: $1.23

Appreciation at the Holidays
Christmas Cards
DP9119 - Starting At: $1.23

Shining Red Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP6973 - Starting At: $1.23

Winter Wonderland Wishes
Christmas Cards
DP7115 - Starting At: $1.23

Blue & Gold Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP6418 - Starting At: $0.67

The Christmas Sapphire
Christmas Cards
DP8135 - Starting At: $1.23

Christmas Flurries
Christmas Cards
DP8648 - Starting At: $1.23

Interior Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP7527 - Starting At: $1.23

Christmas Setting
Christmas Cards
DP9156 - Starting At: $1.23

Snow Day
Christmas Cards
DP8128 - Starting At: $1.23

American Greetings
Christmas Cards
DP8592 - Starting At: $1.23

Teal Adornments
Christmas Cards
DP7531 - Starting At: $1.23

Fashionable Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DD7099 - Starting At: $2.16

Peekaboo Reindeer
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9234 - Starting At: $1.23

Season's Signs
Christmas Cards
DP8680 - Starting At: $1.23

Joyful Holiday Centerpiece
Christmas Cards
DP9114 - Starting At: $1.23

Holiday Rouge
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9202 - Starting At: $1.23

The Emerald Wish
Christmas Cards
DP9105 - Starting At: $1.23

Holiday Prayer
Christmas Cards
DP8745 - Starting At: $1.23

Pearly Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP1894 - Starting At: $0.67

Big Red
Christmas Cards
DP8586 - Starting At: $1.23

Holiday Treasures
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9211 - Starting At: $1.23

Pink Ornaments
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9273 - Starting At: $1.23

Soft Gold Memories
Christmas Cards
DP7528 - Starting At: $1.23

Come All Ye Faithful
Christmas Cards
DP8797 - Starting At: $1.23

Christmas Shine
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9190 - Starting At: $1.23

Golden Sky Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DD7101 - Starting At: $2.16

The Gift Tower
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9235 - Starting At: $1.23

Season's Midnight Chic
Christmas Cards
DP9118 - Starting At: $1.23

Twilight Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP9090 - Starting At: $1.23

The Golden Ornament
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9257 - Starting At: $1.23

The Nativity Ornament
Christmas Cards
DP9153 - Starting At: $1.23

Ornament Sky
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9208 - Starting At: $1.23

Colorful Ornament Mix
Christmas Cards
DP9155 - Starting At: $1.23

Burst of Cheer
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9266 - Starting At: $1.23

Christmas Light
Christmas Cards
DF7277 - Starting At: $2.04

Joyful World
Christmas Cards
DP9144 - Starting At: $1.23

Rustic Styling
Christmas Cards
DF7077 - Starting At: $2.04

Blue Wave Ornament
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7318 - Starting At: $2.04

Nobel Ornaments
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9263 - Starting At: $1.23

World of Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP9103 - Starting At: $1.23

Suspended Glory
Christmas Cards
DP7754 - Starting At: $1.23

Holiday Kiss
Christmas Cards
DP9124 - Starting At: $1.23

Holidays by the Fireplace
Christmas Cards
DP9098 - Starting At: $1.23

A Holiday to Remember
Christmas Cards
DP7887 - Starting At: $1.23

Jingle Bells
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9271 - Starting At: $1.23

Seasonal Decor
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP9252 - Starting At: $1.23

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Products Per Page
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383 Products Total

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Ornament Holiday Cards

The holiday season is filled with ornaments. Ornaments are hugely popular during Christmas and used for decorating Christmas trees and other areas of your home, office, or event. If you are looking for holiday cards and Christmas cards that feature ornaments, CardsDirect has many holiday and Christmas ornament greeting cards to choose from.

Ornament Christmas Cards

You can select a holiday ornament card for a universal, non-denominational message of goodwill during the season or an ornament Christmas card that best suits your tastes. Christmas cards with ornaments are sure to bring some cheer during this wonderful time of year!


Choose an ornaments Christmas card or ornament holiday card to customize. Each holiday or Christmas card ornaments template can be customized with your name or company name, message, logo, signatures, and more!  You can choose to design an ornament photo card with your favorite ornament Christmas cards photo. Design ornament photo cards for your family and friends and an ornament card with photos for your customers and employees. You can also design your own Christmas ornament card by choosing our blank Christmas card ornaments template.

Everyone will appreciate a personalized Christmas ornament card from CardsDirect!

Sizes, Paper Types, and Envelopes

Our holiday ornament cards come in various sizes and paper types.  

Holiday ornament card sizes include:

  • Postcard Flat (Horz. 6” x 4”)
  • Junior Flat (Vert. 4 ¼” x 5 ½”)
  • Junior Flat (Horz. 5 ½” x 4 ¼”)
  • Square Flat (5 ½” x 5 ½”)
  • 4x8 Flat (Vert. 4” x 8”)
  • 8x4 Flat (Horz. 8” x 4”)
  • Junior Folded (Horz. 5 ½” x 4 ¼”)

Christmas card ornament paper types include:

  • 110 lb. Value Satin Finish
  • 130 lb. Satin Finish
  • 110 lb. Uncoated Matte
  • 130 lb. High Gloss Finish
  • 90 lb. Textured Linen
  • 100 lb. Textured Felt
  • 110 lb. Ice Pearl Metallic
  • 100 lb. Recycled Brown Kraft

There are several envelope options for your holiday and Christmas ornament cards, too, including different colors, paper types, and foil linings.

Orders and Samples

We offer small and large quantities for all ornament holiday cards but recommend ordering in bulk for the best discount. The more holiday ornament cards you order, the more you save! We also offer free ornament holiday card samples so you can see just how your holiday and Christmas cards look before you make a purchase.

How to Make Christmas Card Ornaments

In many cultures, people even use their holiday and Christmas card ornaments to decorate the tree. Christmas card ornaments will make a great addition to your decorations. Ornaments made from Christmas cards add a nice personal touch to your home or office Christmas tree. Learning how to make Christmas card ornaments is easy and fun; you can place your Christmas cards directly on the Christmas tree or punch a hole in the top of your holiday cards and add string, thread, or yarn to create lovely homemade Christmas cards ornaments. A Christmas cards ornament is a great way to repurpose the good tidings sent from family, friends, and colleagues.

What our customers are saying...
Great Product
We wanted cards to send to our customers/vendors for the holidays that we could put our logo on. We customized this card and it not only shipped very quickly but came out perfect. We are very happy with the cards we received and will definitely use Cards Direct for the next time we need cards for any reason. Thank you for such a great product!
November 11,2020
We could not be more pleased with how this card turned out. Quality paper and printing. Our nicest Holiday card so far!
December 08,2020


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