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CardsDirect Partnership Program

Your Brand + Our Cards


A tailored marketing experience designed to take your business to the next level! Choose from three tiers.

  • Design and feature up to three branded products on our website.
  • Choose an existing product(s); add your company logo and customizations inside.
  • We’ll provide you with a product number and shareable link to the product page.
  • Customers, employees, and online shoppers will have direct access to your branded products to place orders.
  • Exclusive product designs for your business.
  • Custom landing page that features your designs.
  • A personal account manager that will walk you through the process step by step.
  • Collaborative conference call to strategize expectations.
  • We’ll provide you with product numbers and a shareable link to your custom landing page.
  • Customers, employees, and online shoppers will have direct access to your exclusive branded products and custom landing page to place orders.
  • A custom-built website with 24-hour website monitoring.
  • Complete branded products list with exclusive products for your business designed in-house by our experienced team of graphic artists.
  • Product numbers and a shareable link to your e-commerce business.
  • Consistent product and website updates with collaborative conference calls.
  • A personal account team, customer service center, and sales squad available during regular business hours and extended hours during the holidays.
  • Round-the-clock fulfillment center for all customer orders.
  • Full-service marketing package including direct mail, email, SEO, and more.
  • Customers, employees, and online shoppers will have direct access to your e-commerce business through your sharable link and all major search engines.


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BASIC Plan Information

Companies like SCS Engineers have seen success with our BASIC Plan. Now, you can too! Make your branded product designs readily available for purchase on our site. Ordering is easy; anyone can choose a quantity, add addresses to product envelopes, and additional personalizations. Customers, employees, and online shoppers will have direct access to your unique customized greeting cards, office merchandise, and printed collateral. Stand out, make your selections, and start designing today!


PLUS Plan Information

Companies like The Salvation Army have created an effective print marketing hub with our PLUS Plan. Now, you can too! We’ll assign you a personal account manager to coordinate a product launch for your branded greeting cards, office merchandise, and printed collateral. Our in-house graphic artists will help tailor a unique approach for marketing your business through your chosen print mediums – with products exclusive to your organization and distinct voice featured on a brand-new landing page. Reach out to our team now – and learn the most profitable ways to connect with your customers.


PRO Plan Information

Companies like the United States Golf Association (USGA) see substantial returns from our PRO Plan. We’ll build a strategy for your business that includes an e-commerce website, exclusive products, a full-service customer support team, and fulfillment center. You’ll receive a tailored marketing package offering email, direct mail, and search engine optimization (SEO) with consistent updates and product additions. The pinnacle of your new business starts here – contact us for a next-level strategy on how to raise your bottom line with CardsDirect.



PKF O'CONNER DAVIES - Accountants and Advisors

Read how CardsDirect’s innovative system for brand accuracy and product distribution enhanced marketing efforts for PKF O’Connor Davies.

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Read how CardsDirect teamed up with FedEx to craft an incredible story for their future print marketing efforts.

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Contact Us

We have a team devoted to our Partnership Program.
Please contact us at [email protected] or 866-700-5030 ext. 64208 .

Frequently Asked Questions

An icon showing a document with a plus sign.

How do I choose the right plan for my business?

Our Basic, Plus and Pro Plan offer greeting card and print marketing on different scales. If you simply want to present a few custom designs to employees and clients, our Basic Plan is the best fit. If you are looking to have a custom landing page where you can showcase several designs, talk to us about our Plus Plan. For a full-service customer-facing e-commerce business meant to elevate your bottom line, let us design a Pro Plan that is perfect for your organization.

Contact us for a free consultation at (866) 700-5030 x64208 or [email protected]

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How long will it take for customers to receive our products?

The time it takes to receive a customized product is a combination of production, printing, and shipping. Production + Printing + Shipping = Timing.

Production and printing each takes approximately 1-4 business days. Shipping time can take 1-6 business days depending on your shipping address as well as your shipping method. You can usually expect orders to arrive in 2-10 business days. See more here.

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Can you ship internationally?

We ship to the United States and Canada. Standard ground services are unavailable for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico; orders to these areas will automatically be set to the most economical expedited air option available.

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What dimensions, paper types, and envelopes can we use?

Our custom cards are available in a number of sizes, formats, and on a variety of paper stocks. Our most popular sizes are our Standard Folded Size (Horizontal or Vertical, 6 3/4 “ x 4 7/8”) and our Signature Folded Size (Horizontal or Vertical, 7 7/8” x 5 5/8”). For a complete list of all of our size, paper and envelope options, click here.

For designers, each panel of the card needs to allow for a .125 inch bleed on all sides, except on the fold. Files can be JPEG, PSD, AI, PDF, or PNG. Please make sure the files are 300 dpi. Please contact us for more information.

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What are your customization options?

You can add a logo, text, signatures, graphics, and photographs to any of our products.

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Can customizations be added to the front of your cards?

You can add customizations to the front on any of our Digital Press Cards. All Digital Press Cards are displayed with the letters DP in front of the product number on our website.

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Can you do the design(s) for us?

For our Basic Plan, you can update a current product on our website to fit your branding. Our Plus Plan offers the option to have custom designs created for your organization but is subject to fees. With the Pro Plan, our design team creates all 100% original designs for your business.

Contact us for a free consultation at (866) 700-5030 x64208 or [email protected]

A pencil and paint brush crossed

What is the pricing structure for each plan?

Our Basic Plan is free. Pricing for our Plus and Pro plans are based on the specific needs of each client.

Contact us for a free consultation at (866) 700-5030 x64208 or [email protected]