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Design Your Own
Greeting Cards
DP1102 - Starting At: $0.67

Happy Birthday Banner
Greeting Cards
DP6206 - Starting At: $0.67

Cupcake Years
Greeting Cards
DP7930 - Starting At: $0.67

Birthday Starlight
Greeting Cards
DP8870 - Starting At: $1.23

Borderless Full Color Photo Card
Greeting Cards
PC1000 - Starting At: $0.79

Shiny Balloon Party
Greeting Cards
DP8909 - Starting At: $1.23

Gilded Leaves
Greeting Cards
DP8881 - Starting At: $1.23

Watercolor Balloon Bouquet
Greeting Cards
DP8873 - Starting At: $1.23

The Secret Gift
Greeting Cards
DP8834 - Starting At: $1.23

Balloon Tree
Greeting Cards
DP6656 - Starting At: $1.23

The Artist's Gifts
Greeting Cards
DP8874 - Starting At: $1.23

Birthday Punch
Greeting Cards
DP8866 - Starting At: $1.23

Design Your Own Standard Horizontal Card
Greeting Cards
DP7740 - Starting At: $1.31

Birthday Eclectics
Greeting Cards
DP8872 - Starting At: $1.23

Patterned Flames
Greeting Cards
DP8884 - Starting At: $1.23

Downtown Lights
Greeting Cards
DP7954 - Starting At: $1.23

Make A Wish Birthday
Greeting Cards
DP6170 - Starting At: $0.67

Design Your Own Signature Horizontal Card
Greeting Cards
DP7739 - Starting At: $1.46

Particolored Balloons
Greeting Cards
DP8821 - Starting At: $1.23

Midnight Condolences
Greeting Cards
DP8860 - Starting At: $1.23

Marble Gratitude
Greeting Cards
DP8911 - Starting At: $1.23

Starlight Gala
Greeting Cards
DP8861 - Starting At: $1.23

Balloon Town
Greeting Cards
DP8572 - Starting At: $1.23

Big Blue Birthday
Greeting Cards
DP8910 - Starting At: $0.67

The Birthday Cupcake
Greeting Cards
DP8879 - Starting At: $1.23

Custom Signature Vertical Card
Greeting Cards
DP1101 - Starting At: $1.46

Soaring Birthday Balloons
Greeting Cards
DP8883 - Starting At: $0.67

Household Anniversary
Greeting Cards
DP8944 - Starting At: $1.23

We Are Here
Greeting Cards
DP9074 - Starting At: $1.23

Business Is Appreciated
Greeting Cards
DP8915 - Starting At: $1.23

99 Balloons
Greeting Cards
DP8624 - Starting At: $1.23

Design Your Own Junior Horizontal Card
Greeting Cards
DP7741 - Starting At: $0.79

Custom Standard Vertical Card
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DP1104 - Starting At: $1.31

Big Birthday Build
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DP8929 - Starting At: $1.23

Golden Fields
Greeting Cards
DP8838 - Starting At: $1.23

Lights of Revelry
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DP8380 - Starting At: $1.23

Balloon Art
Greeting Cards
DP8869 - Starting At: $1.23

Party Pops
Greeting Cards
DP8577 - Starting At: $1.23

Birthday Donuts
Greeting Cards
DP8817 - Starting At: $1.23

Bold Blue Anniversary
Greeting Cards
DP8914 - Starting At: $1.23

Fashionable Candles
Greeting Cards
C9104 - Starting At: $2.54

Cupcake Trails
Greeting Cards
DP8638 - Starting At: $1.23

Anniversary Greenery
Greeting Cards
DP8885 - Starting At: $0.67

Greeting Cards
C9069 - Starting At: $2.73

Gracious Borders
Greeting Cards
DP8950 - Starting At: $1.23

Versicolor Birthday
Greeting Cards
DP8818 - Starting At: $1.23

Field of Sympathy
Greeting Cards
DP8912 - Starting At: $1.23

The Gracious Artist
Greeting Cards
DP8875 - Starting At: $1.23

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Products Per Page
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1621 Products Total

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Business greeting cards are a great marketing tool. With custom business greeting cards you can grow relationships with coworkers, employees, and your customers. Sending business greeting cards for important events like birthdays and holidays show you are a business owner that values your relationships.

Demonstrate you care by sending business sympathy cards during times of tragedy. Use business greeting cards to their fullest by sending business thank you cards. Business thank you cards for orders, referrals, and all other displays of professional appreciation illustrate a distinct level of class and will help you to remain top of mind.

These are just a few of the ways business greeting cards can help you develop professionally and personally.

Custom Business Greeting Cards

You can create greeting cards for business use by selecting our business greeting cards with logo. You can add your logo to most of our business greeting cards, along with a custom message, your digital signatures, photographs, graphics, and more. Personalized greeting cards for business will help to remind your customers that you are a caring company that goes the extra mile and always reaches out when it counts.

You can create your own professional greeting cards for business by combining your personal details with our current business greeting cards templates or by choosing our blank custom business greeting cards template. Our thorough (but easy to use) customization tools will ensure you craft the perfect business greeting cards every time.

When you make your custom business greeting cards, you are creating one-of-a-kind greeting cards for business to share with colleagues, coworkers, employees, and customers. There are endless ways to design stunning assorted greeting cards for business at CardsDirect.

Assorted Greeting Cards for Business

Browse our selection of assorted greeting card packages. These are great if you know you'll need greeting cards for different occasions. Buying in bulk saves you money and has you ready for any occasion throughout the year.

We also offer premium greeting cards including die-cut greeting cards to showcase your company name or logo and real foil greeting cards.

Sizes, Formats, and Paper Types

Sizes and Formats

We offer several different sizes and formats for our business greeting cards to give you the options that you deserve. See the table below for those offerings. Whether you’re looking for junior sizes, standard, large, or oblong, you’ll find them here at CardsDirect.

Size Name Orientation Dimensions
Postcard Flat Horizontal 6" x 4"
Junior Flat Vertical 4 1⁄4" x 5 1⁄2"
Junior Flat Horizontal 5 1⁄2" x 4 1⁄4"
4x8 Flat Vertical 4" x 8"
8x4 Flat Horizontal 8" x 4"
Junior Folded Horizontal 5 1⁄2" x 4 1⁄4"
Junior Folded Vertical 4 1⁄4" x 5 1⁄2"
Square Flat Square 5 1⁄2" x 5 1⁄2"
Standard Flat Horizontal 6 3⁄4" x 4 7⁄8"
Standard Flat Vertical 4 7⁄8" x 6 3⁄4"
Signature Flat Horizontal 7 7⁄8" x 5 5⁄8"
Signature Flat Vertical 5 5⁄8" x 7 7⁄8"
Standard Folded Horizontal 6 3⁄4" x 4 7⁄8"
Standard Folded Vertical 4 7⁄8" x 6 3⁄4"
Signature Folded Horizontal 7 7⁄8" x 5 5⁄8"
Square Side-Fold Square 5 1⁄2" x 5 1⁄2"
Signature Folded Vertical 5 5⁄8" x 7 7⁄8"
Square Top-Fold Square 5 1⁄2" x 5 1⁄2"
4x8 Folded Vertical 4" x 8"
8x4 Folded Horizontal 8" x 4"
Z-Fold Calendar Horizontal 6 3⁄4" x 14 5⁄8"

Paper Types

Our business greeting cards paper types can offer various aesthetics and textures from semi-gloss, pearlized, felt, and linen – you’ll find it here. See below for a list of paper types that we offer.

Paper Type Description
110 lb. Value Satin Finish Our 110 lb. Value Satin Finish is a lighter version of our standard 130lb. paper. It has a smooth coated satin finish on both sides for aprofessional look.
130 lb. Satin Finish One of our heaviest card stocks and a customer favorite. This paperfeatures a smooth, coated satin finish on both sides.
110 lb. Uncoated Matte A smooth card stock that is scratch proof and fingerprint resistant. This paper features a matte, non-shinyfinish on both sides.
90 lb. Textured Linen A premium card stock with subtle linen texture, much like the look andfeel of canvas. The linen texture adds a visible and tactile touch ofelegance to any card.
130 lb. High Gloss Finish An exceptionally heavy card stock. The exterior includes a glossy coatingwhile the interior has a smooth coated satin finish ideal for writing.
100 lb. Textured Felt This luxurious, textured paper is uncoated on both sides. The subtletexture adds a unique and professional touch of sophistication.
110 lb. Ice Pearl Metallic A specialty card stock that features a distinctive metallic shimmer,adding a luminous effect to any card. This paper is coated on both sides anddoes require a non-smearing pen when writing.


Lined Envelopes

We also offer a number of different envelope types including foil-lined envelopes. Not all colors are available for all card sizes. Here is a short list of colors that we have available.

  • Heavy White Vellum
  • White - Gold Lined
  • White - Silver Lined
  • White - Pearl Lined
  • Red
  • Chocolate
  • Silver
  • Ice Pearl Metallic

Envelope Addressing

If you want to add your return address digitally to the envelopes, we can do that. We also are now offering our envelope addressing service – just use our system to input your recipients’ addresses and we’ll send you your envelopes professionally-printed with the addresses right on them – with several different fonts to choose from!

Discount Business Greeting Cards

While cheap business greeting cards can sometimes lead to below-standard printing and durability, we offer discount business greeting cards made with only the highest-quality materials and rich color printing. Our inexpensive corporate greeting cards and inexpensive business greeting cards rival our top competitors in price without ever skimping on quality.

Buying in Bulk

The more custom greeting cards for business you order, the lower our prices become, which is why ordering your custom business greeting cards in bulk is always a good idea. If you are looking for wholesale prices, we suggest increasing your quantity on all your bulk business greeting cards orders for the best discount.

We also offer our 8” x 4” value greeting cards.

See the table below for additional pricing.

Quantity Signature Folded
(Horz. 7 7/8" x 5 5/8")*
Standard Folded
(Horz. 6 3/4" x 4 7/8")
Junior Folded
(Horz. 5 1/2" x 4 1/4")
Postcard Flat
(Horz. 6" x 4")
10 $38.59 $36.61 $27.71 $16.84
25 $57.67 $54.48 $43.18 $24.52
50 $100.80 $95.74 $74.54 $42.97
100 $161.65 $151.28 $118.14 $64.27
150 $241.30 $224.96 $176.66 $95.66
200 $320.95 $298.63 $235.18 $127.05
500 $752.94 $699.88 $554.04 $297.63
1000 $1,377.98 $1,279.73 $1,017.75 $543.00
2000 $2,608.97 $2,422.95 $1,926.94 $1,028.08

Choose Your Business Greeting Cards Today!

For the various ways to send business greeting cards throughout the year – there’s CardsDirect! It’s time to make your selections.

What our customers are saying...
The printing quality is exceptional. I could not...
The printing quality is exceptional. I could not ask for a better reproduction of my original oil painting. These cards are a favorite with my clients and I am grateful I can share my art in the format of a greeting card.
October 08,2020
Customized cards to thank our employees for their...
Customized cards to thank our employees for their dedication during these difficult times. Cards turned out just like designed! Would recommend
June 05,2020


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