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Christmas Cards
DP1102 - Starting At: $0.64

Borderless Full Color Photo Card
Christmas Cards
PC1000 - Starting At: $0.75

Swirly Snowflakes
Christmas Cards
DP3811 - Starting At: $0.64

Shining Red Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP6973 - Starting At: $1.18

Cold Crisp Happy Holidays
Christmas Cards
DP6420 - Starting At: $1.18

Berry Branch Card
Christmas Cards
DP5075 - Starting At: $0.64

Falling Snowflakes Card
Christmas Cards
DP5073 - Starting At: $0.64

Blue & Gold Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP6418 - Starting At: $0.64

Interior Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP7527 - Starting At: $1.18

Rustic Snowflake Appreciation
Christmas Cards
DP1893 - Starting At: $0.64

Red Sparkling Season
Christmas Cards
DP5134 - Starting At: $0.64

Weathered Snowflake Appreciation
Christmas Cards
DP6423 - Starting At: $1.18

Teal Adornments
Christmas Cards
DP7531 - Starting At: $1.18

Red Hanging Snowflakes
Christmas Cards
DP3134 - Starting At: $1.18

Pearly Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP1894 - Starting At: $0.64

Paint Can Snowman Construction Card
Christmas Cards
DP5276 - Starting At: $1.18

Winter Wonderland Wishes
Christmas Cards
DP7115 - Starting At: $1.18

Merry & Bright Card
Christmas Cards
DP5078 - Starting At: $0.64

Whimsy Hanging Ornaments
Christmas Cards
DP4433 - Starting At: $0.64

A Joyful Holiday Moment
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7119 - Starting At: $1.97

Christmas Mountain
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP8097 - Starting At: $1.18

Seasonal Icons
Christmas Cards
DP7630 - Starting At: $1.18

The Christmas Message
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7165 - Starting At: $1.97

Silver Statements
Christmas Cards
DP7530 - Starting At: $1.18

Soft Gold Memories
Christmas Cards
DP7528 - Starting At: $1.18

Message in the Flowers
Christmas Cards
DP7594 - Starting At: $1.18

Afternoon Snowstorms
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP8134 - Starting At: $1.18

The Softest Joys
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7158 - Starting At: $1.97

Christmas in the Stars
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7162 - Starting At: $1.97

Season's Greetings Sensation
Christmas Cards
DP3874 - Starting At: $0.64

A Treasured Gift
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP8120 - Starting At: $1.18

The Christmas Sapphire
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP8135 - Starting At: $1.18

Flowers for the Holidays
Christmas Cards
NEW!  C8811 - Starting At: $2.00

The Snowflake Seal
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7166 - Starting At: $1.97

Snow Day
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP8128 - Starting At: $1.18

The Winter Wish
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7169 - Starting At: $1.66

The Holiday Sky
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7160 - Starting At: $1.97

Berry Christmas
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7157 - Starting At: $1.97

A Seasonal Opportunity
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7163 - Starting At: $1.97

The Shimmering Snowflake
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7167 - Starting At: $1.66

Eternal Holidays
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7159 - Starting At: $1.97

Midnight Snowflake
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP8107 - Starting At: $1.18

The Sapphire Storm
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DF7168 - Starting At: $1.66

A Winter's Elegance
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP8101 - Starting At: $1.18

The Unexpected Gift
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP8127 - Starting At: $1.18

The Thanksgiving Stamp
Christmas Cards
NEW!  C8832 - Starting At: $2.31

Santa's Retirement Plan
Christmas Cards
NEW!  DP8085 - Starting At: $1.06

A Peaceful Evening
Christmas Cards
NEW!  C8801 - Starting At: $2.31

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Products Per Page
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2916 Products Total
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Features and Specifications

Size and Format Options

Size and Orientation

Most of our greeting cards come in three different sizes. See below for a photo that includes our greeting card sizes in both vertical and horizontal formats. Designs with a vertical orientation will fold on the left. Those designs with horizontal orientation will fold on the top. For most of our designs, we allow you to choose between flat (double-sided) and folded.

Horizontal Vertical
  • Junior - 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
  • Standard - 6 3/4" x 4 7/8"
  • Signature - 7 7/8" x 5 5/8"
  • Junior - 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
  • Standard - 4 7/8" x 6 3/4"
  • Signature - 5 5/8" x 7 7/8"

Fold Type

Greeting cards have a variety of folds. Designs with a vertical orientation will fold on the left. Those designs with horizontal orientation will fold on the top. For most of our designs, we allow you to choose between flat (double-sided printing included) and folded.

Double-Sided Printing

You can use our product personalizer to add text or a photo to the back of most of our greeting card designs. Double-sided printing also enables most of our designs to double as postcard designs.

Imprint Options

Depending on the design you select, we offer ink or foil printing for your personalization.

Ink Colors

Ink color is an important consideration and one we haven't overlooked! Easily match your company logo or company colors with the color-picker in our product personalizer. We have the ability to match ink colors with hex code, Pantone Matching System code, or CMYK code. We can print in any ink color on our digital greeting cards. Our converted (non-digitally printed) products have a more limited ink selection.

Foil Printing

Some of our high-end greeting cards have foil embellishments. While a little more expensive, we design these cards to impress your friends, family, co-workers, and customers. Other designs allow you to add your personalization in the foil color of your choice.


Our greeting cards–except for postcards–include envelopes.

Lined Envelopes

CardsDirect offers envelope liners with your choice of gold, black or pearl. Not all colors are available with all greeting card designs. The image below is of a white envelope with a silver inner lining.

Printed Return Address

A printed return address adds professionalism to your greeting card. Let us print your return address in a color that matches your personalization on your greeting card.

Peel and Seal

These envelopes include a strip of latex adhesive on the envelope's flap. Remove the protective strip, press your envelope closed and your envelopes are ready to go. These save a lot of time, which is why we choose to send them by default. We do offer the option to receive traditional gummed envelopes.

Die Cut

Die-cut Christmas cards allow you to feature your company logo through a die-cut window.

Foil-Accented Designs

Foil stamping uses metallic foil to create a shiny print effect on your Christmas card. CardsDirect's foil designs are exclusive and are a great way to impress customers and employees.


Our prices are dependent on the card you pick, the personalization that you choose, and the features you select. 100 of our junior-size greeting cards on our value-satin paper start at just $118! If you're interested in seeing the options for the lowest possible price, make sure to look for the help_outline icon on our product pages.

For Your Home

We do have a large selection of greeting cards that are great for sending to friends and family.


Shop our collection of exclusive photo Christmas card designs for a perfect card to send to your friends and family.

Holiday Party Invitations

Looking for an invitation to your next holiday party? Shop our holiday party invitations.

For Your Business

CardsDirect specializes in greeting cards for businesses. Do you intend to send your greeting cards to your customers or employees? If so, we have hundreds of professional designs to choose from.

Business Christmas Party Invitations

Planning your next business or corporate event? Make sure to start off on the right foot with a professional event invitation from CardsDirect. Shop our holiday invitations today!


Our assorted greeting card packages include at least 30 cards and envelopes. These are great for one-off communications to employees and customers.

In Bulk

Shopping for Christmas cards in bulk provides businesses significant savings. CardsDirect has access to many printing facilities that enable us to create and distribute anywhere from 10 cards to 100,000 cards! Significant quantity-discounts are available for businesses or corporations interested in quantities over 2000. Give our customer service team a call (866-700-5030) or send an email to get started.


We've organized our Christmas designs by theme to help you find that distinct greeting card design.


Express your faith with our collection of religious Christmas cards. These designs are professional nad heartfelt. Send them to your customers, colleagues, family, and friends. We have categories for the following design themes:

What can I personalize?

We've worked hard to make sure that you can customize our designs in just about every way possible.

Company Name and Logo

Our personalizer allows you to feature your company logo on your greeting card or envelopes. A company logo makes correspondence with customers and employees more professional. We have two categories of greeting card designs that feature your company logo on the front of the card. Die cut cards have a cutout on the front panel of the card, allowing your company name or logo to show through from the inside. Our front imprint designs have your personalized message right on the front of the card. Your company name or logo is the first thing customers and employees will see.

Family or Team Photo

We make it easy to upload a photo to your design. Upload from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, or Google Drive. We have many templated designs ready for your photos. You can add a photo to most of our designs using our product personalization engine. Just click "Start Designing". We have two categories of photo cards:


We've made uploading your signature or your team's signatures very easy. Take a photo with your phone and we'll send you an email with an upload link. You also have the option of uploading from your computer. Find a product and start personalizing to get started.


Knowing what to say on the inside of your greeting card is tough. We choose a default message for each design. If you don't like what we recommend, we have many other verses and messages to choose from.

Your Personal Message

Your personal message goes below our printed verse. You can include a logo, a signature or you can hand-write a message. We've listed our customers' most popular personalization choices below.

  • "From all of us at [Company Name]"
  • "Wishing you a bright 2017 from your friends at [Company Name]."
  • "Wishing you great success in the year to come."
    [Company Name]

What our customers are saying...
Excellent service
The cards were very easy to customize and order. We got the delivery on time for the holidays
December 23,2017
2017 Christmas Card
Very satisfied with the quality and timeliness.
November 30,2017


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