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Birthday Basics: Value Size
Assortment Packs
AP3726 - Starting At: $45.00 per pack

Birthday Celebration Assortment
Assortment Packs
NEW!  C8956 - Starting At: $110.00 per pack

Because It's Your Birthday Collection 
Assortment Packs
AP7370 - Starting At: $125.00 per pack

Classic Birthday Variety
Assortment Packs
C7804 - Starting At: $85.00 per pack

Birthday Bash Assortment Pack
Assortment Packs
AP6135 - Starting At: $39.00 per pack

Classic Birthday Assortment
Assortment Packs
C8915 - Starting At: $88.00 per pack

Perfect Time Assortment
Assortment Packs
C8495 - Starting At: $85.00 per pack

Conscientious Arrangements Collection
Assortment Packs
AP7369 - Starting At: $125.00 per pack

Patriotic Birthday
Assortment Packs
AP6133 - Starting At: $40.00 per pack

All Wrapped Up:  Value Size
Assortment Packs
AP3724 - Starting At: $44.00 per pack

Boundless Recognition Collection
Assortment Packs
AP7371 - Starting At: $125.00 per pack

All Blues All Occasion
Assortment Packs
AP1052 - Starting At: $62.00 per pack

Assortment Packs
AP3799 - Starting At: $60.00 per pack

Modern All Occasion Value Set
Assortment Packs
AP6132 - Starting At: $40.00 per pack

Patriotic All Occasion
Assortment Packs
AP6136 - Starting At: $68.00 per pack

Business Appreciation Set
Assortment Packs
AP6134 - Starting At: $44.00 per pack

Three Holidays Set: Value Size
Assortment Packs
AP8107 - Starting At: $38.00 per pack

Colorful All Occasion Assortment
Assortment Packs
AP5797 - Starting At: $50.00 per pack

Holiday Blues Assortment Set
Assortment Packs
AP5796 - Starting At: $80.00 per pack

Birthday Blues
Assortment Packs
AP3742 - Starting At: $59.00 per pack

Winter Greetings
Assortment Packs
AP4295 - Starting At: $39.00 per pack

Elegant Holiday Assortment
Assortment Packs
AP4294 - Starting At: $60.00 per pack

Dream Wave
Assortment Packs
AP3798 - Starting At: $75.00 per pack


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Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
23 Products Total
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Pg 1 48 Cards
What our customers are saying...
Blue Colors
Our staff really likes these blue cards since our "colors" are this same type of blue. We will be ordering this item again.
November 01,2018
Birthday Cards
I needed a variety of cards for some departments and this variety selection has worked just great for us!
October 18,2018
the cards are not full size........thought they would be
February 20,2019
High Quality Greetings Cards and Great Service
Our company orders all of our greeting cards from Cards Direct. They are very high quality, and the assortments allow us to reach out to our customers with a variety of messages and styles.
June 01,2018


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