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Business Christmas Cards

A high end Christmas card is always better than a Christmas ecard for business. A quality paper greeting card is forever appreciated, and there are many ways to send a Christmas greeting from your business. Business Christmas cards are a cost effective way to show appreciation to and build rapport with your customers. You can also use company Christmas cards to improve morale and loyalty among employees. Sending a business Christmas card is a small and inexpensive gesture at the end of the year to show gratitude to employees for a job well done.

Business Holiday Cards

For a universal and non-denominational way to bring cheer during the season, you can also try corporate holiday cards. Holiday greetings for business with messages of ‘Season’s Greetings’, ‘Happy Holidays’, and more, are a warm and inclusive way to wish good tidings.

Sending to Employees

Lots of our customers send a message from the executive or c-suite to all of their employees but corporate Christmas cards and company holiday cards work equally well at the division or departmental level. Boost morale and productivity with the small and inexpensive gesture of sending custom business holiday cards and Christmas card printables from CardsDirect. If you are an individual working in a company but ordering for your co-workers as a personal gesture, you can order your personalized business Christmas cards in bulk instead of buying 10 or 20 business Christmas greetings from Hallmark or Papyrus.


Managers can thank specific teams with our line of teamwork-specific Christmas cards. Holiday cards for businesses are great if you're completing a big project at the end of the year or if you'd like to thank employees for a job well done.

Sales Teams to Prospective Clients

Building rapport with leads can be tough. Christmas cards for business and holiday cards for business are a sincere, non-intrusive, and inexpensive way to do so. Holiday greetings to clients can help reactivate old leads and build those already in your sales pipeline. You can easily customize any of our business holiday card designs and Christmas card greetings for business to work in any sales campaign.

Sending to Current Customers

As a Yearly Greeting

Most of our customers send custom business Christmas cards to their clients as a yearly greeting, thanking them for their patronage and support. If you're interested in ordering the same holiday business cards or company Christmas card design year in and year out, we've built our system to make reordering your business Christmas cards and business holiday cards easy. We also create hundreds of new and exclusive Christmas cards for clients and coworkers to make sure your employees and customers don't receive the same card from different businesses—unless those other businesses are also ordering through CardsDirect! We have all sorts of unique corporate holiday cards and business Christmas card ideas for you to choose from.

As a Reminder

Some businesses pair their yearly Christmas thank you to customers with a reminder to visit or shop with them again. Dentists, doctors, auto-dealerships, and many other industries take advantage every year.

Prospecting and Marketing

Some businesses take a step further and use the holiday and Christmas season as a sales opportunity. Rather than sending a basic mailer with some information about your product, why not send a holiday greeting card for business?

Keep Costs Low with Postcards

While our traditional folded Christmas cards are inexpensive, they may not make sense for businesses who are trying to keep the cost of their campaign as low as possible. If you're looking to reduce the cost of your marketing campaign, our Christmas postcards and business holiday postcards are a great way to do just that. We adapt many of our traditional company Christmas card designs to postcards so you can still pick from CardsDirect's large collection of exclusive Christmas cards business designs.

Customization Options

We spend lots of time and effort to make our product personalizer, Visual Canvas, as powerful and easy to use as possible. We've created an infographic to describe what customization options you have with the CardsDirect product personalizer for your Christmas business cards.

Company Logo

CardsDirect makes adding a company logo to your Christmas cards very easy. Easily upload your logo in any of the following formats: tif, tiff, jpeg, jpg, png, pdf, bmp, gif, eps, svg, and ai to create business Christmas cards with logo and business holiday cards with logo. We have hundreds of designs that feature your logo more prominently. We've written on our blog about the etiquette of a company logo on a Christmas card.

Team Signatures

Adding team signatures is similar to adding a company logo to your custom Christmas cards for business. The two can even be combined on your Christmas business cards. Signatures add a personal element to your happy holidays cards for business, especially if you are sending business Christmas cards to lots of people. Imagine sending holiday cards for clients to all of your current customers. If each of those customers have a representative that they work with at your company, it's great for them to see a signature from their rep on the Christmas card they receive at the end of the year!

Team Photos

We have several cards that you can add a team photo to. You can find the more professional holiday photo cards here and the more personal Christmas photo cards here. These holiday photo cards work well for small teams who have personal relationships with customers. Some companies choose to feature a company-wide photo.

Office Building Photos

It's quite common for businesses to have a photo or an illustration of the office they work in. Customers who visit the office may be familiar with the office and will immediately recognize the business on the Christmas card, depending on how remarkable the office is. Shop our collection of cards that allow for as much room for your photo as possible. Our personalizer makes it easy to upload and apply a photo to any one of your company Christmas card ideas. If you don't want to feature your photo on the front of the card, you can feature it on the inside on the top fold. That way you still have room for your messaging at the bottom and the top fold—which would have otherwise been blank—now has more compelling company personalization.

Photo Holder Christmas Cards

In the holiday photo categories, you will also find photo holder Christmas cards. Choose a holiday card holder, Xmas card holder, and more, to personalize and showcase your favorite pics!

Christmas Card Themes

In order to provide something for everyone, we've created sets of themed Christmas cards suitable for any business. You can view all of our Christmas card themes in the left navigation on this page. We've included Christmas card themes that are most suitable for businesses below.

Business Appropriate Designs

We understand that not all businesses are interested in sending a Christmas message specifically. We have a selection of professional and business appropriate holiday card designs that any business can send without worry of offending customers. It's also possible that your target demographic doesn't celebrate Christmas. In that case we have a large collection of non-specific business holiday cards on this page as well as a small selection of Hanukkah cards.

Customer Appreciation

If you're looking to thank your customers this season, take a look at these company Christmas card ideas that are sure to impress customers of businesses in any industry. Most of these high end Christmas card designs feature messages on the front of the card thanking the customer for their patronage this year. See below for some common Christmas card themes.

From All of Us

Each Christmas and holiday greeting for businesses are meant to be sent from a team to customers and clients. Maybe you have a sales team or a customer service team that would like to extend a thank you to those customers they completed sales with or worked with during the last year. All of these designs feature “From All of Us” somewhere on the front of the card .


Our collection of teamwork cards are designed to be sent to team members within the business. Whether you've just finished a large project or you'd like to say thank you for all the hard work in the last year, each Christmas card for businesses in this category will do the job. Recognize hard work and reward success with a small gesture!

What to Write

Knowing what to write on a personal Christmas card can be tough. Deciding what to write in a Christmas card for a business is even more difficult. We've done our best to make this easy by providing many popular verses to choose from.

Text Personalization Options

Before you start thinking about what to write in a Christmas card, you should know what the basics are and where you can personalize your Christmas card for businesses. Take a look at all the ways you can personalize our greeting cards.

The Basics

Our default recommendation is to personalize your sample holiday greetings with one of our pre-selected verses on the inside of the card and a short message and company name below that. We refer to these two areas as the verse (or message) and the personalization.

More Advanced Personalization

We offer the ability to add text just about anywhere on your business Christmas card or business Holiday card. Depending on the business Christmas card design, you may want to include personalization on the front of the card, the inside top, the inside bottom (this is typically where personalization and a verse goes), or the back of the card.

Normally, companies include a company name and short salutation, example: “Happy Holidays from The ABC Company”. Companies can differentiate themselves from other companies by putting in just a little more work. We've published an article to try and help those companies that go the extra mile called What to Write in a Christmas Card – Creative Tips for the Poet Inside Us All.

Professional Occupation

We have a variety of business Christmas cards and business holiday cards for specific verticals and industries. CardsDirect focuses on professional greeting card designs for each industry. Check out our sister company, Brookhollow Cards, if you're looking for a more light-hearted, profession-specific Christmas card.

Keeping Costs Low

Obviously costs are important to every business. While Christmas cards are a sincere way for businesses to reach out to customers, they're also an efficient means to do so. You might choose to extend a special offer to lapsed customers in a reactivation campaign or to loyal customers who you'd like to have visit your office again soon.

Pricing Structure

The more business Christmas cards you order, the more you save. Envelopes and personalization, logo and signature included! Most of our cards are available with a minimum order of 10 cards. We have price tables for up to 2000 cards with many price-breaks between. For any order over 2000 cards, please contact our customer service team and they can help. Ground shipping is a flat $5 every day.

What's Included in the Cost?

  • Envelopes
  • Personalization
    • Logo
    • Signatures
    • Custom Text
    • Photo
    • Your Choice of Verse
    • Your Personalization

Value Cards

If you're looking to keep costs low, you have the option of ordering a smaller card or a postcard. Shop our value Christmas Card category to ensure you get the best deal possible. While not perfect for every occasion, our Christmas postcards can keep costs very low while still allowing you to reach all of the customers you need to.

Holiday Calendar Cards

CardsDirect also offers a stylish assortment of Christmas calendar cards and holiday calendar cards. Chose a holiday calendar card or Christmas calendar card to customize here.

Ordering in Bulk

CardsDirect exists because it is too expensive to buy Christmas cards one by one and too insincere or too time-consuming to purchase packs of blank Christmas cards to send to customers. We offer all of our products personalized in bulk to help you save money when reaching out to customers during Christmas.

Corporate Orders

We have lots of experience with large corporate orders and even have a special team dedicated to corporate accounts. We offer assembly and mailing services to those large-order customers who are interested. Please reach out to our customer service team via phone (866-700-5030), chat or email today to learn more about our corporate discounts!

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