Pittsburgh-Themed Christmas Cards

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Pittsburgh Skyline
Christmas Cards
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Pg 1 48 Cards
What our customers are saying...
The morning after ! I called as I forgot to add the cemetery name . It was so easy.
The cards are made of quality stock. That is if you care to present a card that is special because each card is unique. I absolutely love the fact that NO ONE in Boston will have the same card as ours. It appears as if we have shopped in the same store or given no attention to detail of the Christmas Cards. Thank you in advance Happy Holidays The Staff of the Gardens
November 10,2019
Easy ordering, great prices, fast delivery and professional quality...what's not to love?
For the third year in a row, we ordered cardsdirect holiday-greeting cards for our company employees. I love how our card from last year was saved in our cardsdirect dashboard. In just minutes, I was able to add a new cover photo, insert a new inside graphic and compose a new holiday message. Done! Ordering was a snap and the cards arrived within a few days. They make us look so professional! We mailed them out yesterday. Done (again)!
December 18,2019
Nobody's perfect....and CardsDirect.com screwed up this order the first time around. HOWEVER, once we exchanged comments on how the error occurred and who was really responsible, CardsDirect.com did the right thing...they fixed the problem, at their expense, and reprinted my order perfectly. I've ordered 6-8 different cards from CardsDirect.com and I have very high regard for their quality, their professionalism, their speed of completing an order and feel that their pricing, while a tad bit high, is totally appropriate considering the quality of the finished product. I'm ma happy CardsDirect.com customer!!
March 08,2020
Our card had our own front image and inside verse. Designing the card on the Cards Direct website was very easy. On receiving the cards we were 100% Pleased with the finished product We could not believe how quickly we received our cards. We have found a tremendous resource. Mike...NWI
December 02,2019


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