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Perfect Time Assortment
All Occasions
C8495 - Starting At: $94.00 per pack

Conscientious Cards Assortment
All Occasions
AP7369 - Starting At: $138.00 per pack

Boundless Recognition Collection
All Occasions
AP7371 - Starting At: $138.00 per pack

All Blues All Occasion
All Occasions
AP1052 - Starting At: $68.00 per pack

Patriotic All Occasion
All Occasions
AP6136 - Starting At: $75.00 per pack

Business Appreciation Set
All Occasions
AP6134 - Starting At: $48.00 per pack

Modern All Occasion Value Set
All Occasions
AP6132 - Starting At: $44.00 per pack

Colorful All Occasion Assortment
All Occasions
AP5797 - Starting At: $55.00 per pack

Sympathy Assortment Set
All Occasions
AP3799 - Starting At: $66.00 per pack

All Occasion Card Set
All Occasions
AP3798 - Starting At: $83.00 per pack


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Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
10 Products Total

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Assortment Greeting Cards

Choose a box of assorted greeting cards. You’ll find a box of greeting cards for all occasions that include:

  • Boxed Birthday Cards
  • Anniversary Cards
  • Congratulations Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Welcome Cards
  • Patriotic Cards
  • Business Appreciation Cards
  • Thinking of You Cards
  • Get Well Cards
  • Sympathy Cards

A box of cards for all occasions is a great way to stay prepared for important moments in the life of your customers, employees, family, and friends. Boxed cards are ideal for reaching out and growing relationships throughout the year.

Product Specifications

All of our assorted greeting cards in a box adhere to the highest printing standards, paper quality, and design aesthetics. The box of assorted greeting cards for all occasion come in various sizes with both vertical and horizontal folds. The greeting card boxed sets come in several different quantities as well, offering between 25 and 100 assorted greeting cards in bulk.

Each all occasion cards box has its own unique theme. Choose assortment greeting cards sets that include Business Appreciation Boxed Card Set, our Modern All Occasions Cards Box, or our Patriotic All Occasion Cards Box Set. We also provide Sympathy Boxed Card Sets, Boxed Christmas Cards and Boxed Holiday Cards, as well as several Boxed Birthday Card Sets. Our cheap birthday cards by the box will offer endless discounted designs, but never at the expense of quality, and the same goes for any greeting card assortment pack you order. Discounted prices, fantastic designs, and endless customization options for your greeting card assortments at CardsDirect!


Get your greeting cards in bulk. These boxed card sets offer great greeting cards for sale that all are sure to treasure. Each all occasion card set is shipped fast and straight to your door, so you and your recipients can begin to appreciate your chosen box of greeting cards right away. Start enjoying each boxed greeting card when you order your box of cards for all occasions at CardsDirect. Choose your assorted greetings cards today!

What our customers are saying...
Great Variety
Received the shipment very quickly. The quality is great and the variety is perfect.
February 15,2021
Nice assortments
It's a nice variety of card. I like the design of the card.
March 12,2020


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