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4.6  out of  5
5  out of  5
December 18 2019

It was so easy to use and create the perfect company Christmas card. Defiantly will use again.

5  out of  5
December 12 2019
This is an update on my review from a couple of w...

This is an update on my review from a couple of weeks ago. I am sorry to say that this will be a bit of a negative review, again. The problem originally was that there were problems with a portion of the envelopes not having a seal strip and no sticky area to even lick. So those were replaced but they sent gold lined envelopes instead of the silver lined envelopes that would go with this card. So, they sent another replacement for the envelopes. When I opened the box, the first thing I see is a bundle of Christmas Cards instead of my envelopes that I expected. The cards, which were a totally different card than ours, were preprinted for another company altogether. I was so disappointed that there was another mistake! But, I decided to dig down below this bundle, and there I found my correctly replaced envelopes! So I called in to tell them that we had received someone else's Christmas Cards and what would they like me to do? They called me back and said to just destroy them since they were of no use to us. I do have my correct envelopes and we love the card we chose, but it was disappointing to have so many mistakes happening with this order. I'm not sure since I am new at this job whether my supervisors think I made a good choice of a card vendor. I will make my notes and decide next year if we will be purchasing from Cards Direct again.

3  out of  5
December 05 2019
The Christmas card is very pretty and we are very...

The Christmas card is very pretty and we are very happy with it. We did have a problem with the envelopes. They were to be peel and seal. When writing out the cards by hand, I was noticing bunches that had no peel strip and not even a sticky area to lick. Then when I was ready to peel the ones that did have the peel strip, quite a few had very little stickiness to them. So I called in to inform your company. The employee was very nice about the situation and assured me that they would replace 200 of the 450 that I had originally ordered. We received them in about a week which was fine. But instead of the silver lining that was ordered, we received gold lined envelopes. They would not go with the card we had chosen. I called in about it and again the employee was very nice and is sending the silver lined cards to replace this mistake. I'm happy but not totally happy. I've had to delay sending out our cards this year. I'm new with our organization and picked you for our cards this year, not the company they used in past years, so some may question my choice because of these problems. I don't know what to do next year!

5  out of  5
November 12 2019
Highly Endorse and Commend CardsDirect!

The Christmas cards that we designed and ordered are beautiful. The card stock is top quality and the foil accents add a touch of luxury. Fantastic selection of greeting cards! We were so pleased that we could customize the order with our own sentiment. We reached out to customer service once or twice regarding general questions and it was very nice to get a knowledgeable, friendly and 'live' person on the phone. Very good experience from start to finish!

5  out of  5
August 09 2019
ALWAYS perfect!

We are always excited to see the cards arrive, and as always, they are perfect. We have been ordering from Card's Direct for years, and we are NEVER disappointed. Thank you for another beautiful card this year!