Light bulb Cards are a smart solution

  • Can be used in lieu of traditional postcards, flyers and catalogs
  • CardsDirect card personalization is free
  • Hand addressed envelopes have a higher open rate than other direct mail options
  • A unique touchpoint that helps you stand out from the competition
  • More personal and memorable than an email or voicemail
  • Remembering a customer with a card sends a positive brand image
How to turn a card into a marketing tool
1 Start your note by addressing your
customer by name. Nobody wants
to feel they are receiving a bulk
form letter.
2 Create brand recall by customizing
your card with a logo.
3 To save time, have CardsDirect
imprint a return address on
your envelopes.
4 Be sure to include a business card
and encourage business referrals.
6 Include an exclusive promotion or discount. Create a special offer that can be tracked financially. For example, include a promo code or ask the customer to present the card in order to redeem the discount. This will help you track the success of your greeting card campaign.
5 Customize your message to include
your company name. In this example,
the greeting reads, "Happy Birthday
from Lexus."
A Case Study: Minimum Hard Costs for Maximum Profits

The proof is in the numbers. See how one of our customers achieved a 578% return on investment (ROI) using custom-printed greeting cards. Learn how you can make greeting cards work for your business.

The Challenge:
Michael, a small business owner, wanted to incentivize his past customers to become loyal and returning customers. He needed a marketing program that was 1) Low cost, 2) Scalable, 3) Trackable, and 4) Easy to execute.

The Solution:
With the help of CardsDirect, Michael developed the Reach Out 2011 thank you card program. Each month for six months, Michael's employees mailed 200 personalized cards to past customers thanking them for their previous order. These cards included a promotional offer, valid for 3 months, giving each recipient a discount toward their next order. The promo code allowed Michael's company to track orders directly to his Reach Out 2011 campaign.

The Results:
Total costs, including customized thank you cards, employee labor, and postage, were less than $1.75 per card. From the 1,200 cards mailed, this small business received 115 orders with a gain in total revenue of more than $27,000. This translates into a one-year, direct ROI of 578% and a conversion rate of more than 9.5%. The conclusion is simple: A custom-printed greeting card is a high-performing, low-cost advertising initiative that generates measurable results. Traditional junk mail is likely to hit the trashcan before being opened by a customer. Greeting cards are a more intimate and memorable communication tool, with a far greater return on investment.
Visualization comparing $2,100 in campaign cost vs. $12,747 in total profit. A 578% return on investment.
A "Thank You" greeting card sitting next to an open laptop and a pen on a desk.
Interested in achieving a great ROI on your
own campaign? Learn how, start now.


We like really nice cards, it's just that simple. That's why we insist on the highest quality paper and use the best digital and offset printing to ensure your order meets our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee promise – every time. We like options too, which is why many of our cards are available in a variety of sizes and paper stocks to fit any budget. If you're not sure, just request a free sample and see for yourself.
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We believe in our products. That's why every CardsDirect order comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the quality or workmanship of your product for any reason, we will fix it, replace it, or you may return it. We will refund your full purchase price when the returned items are received.
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Heck, we're almost an antique in "internet years". Founded in 1998, we wanted to create a company that made sending custom cards easy. We never expected that solving that problem would make all of the Fortune 100 companies (yes, all of them), along with thousands of small businesses and families across the country choose us. We really hope you like us too because we don't plan on going anywhere.


Everyone likes getting good grades. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) tracks and grades businesses for consumer fraud and ethical business practices… and we got an "A+"! CardsDirect has been a "BBB Accredited Business" since 2005, and is continually monitored on 16 rating factors. They like us, and we hope you will too!

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